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OpenBSD 5.5 is the last release.

Between releases, -CURRENT snapshots are available and will occur on a semi-regular basis.

Toolchain Status

The switch from gcc 2.95.3 to gcc 3.3.6, as well as the switch from a.out to ELF, have been completed.

Shared libraries and dynamically-linked binaries seem to work well; the current ld.so will fail to load binaries with text relocations on purpose, to help spot binaries not correctly linked (e.g. against the static libgcc.a instead of the -fPIC libgcc.a). Once the bad citizens in ports are fixed, I'll probably add support for the text relocations to cope with minor errors, and we'll see.
Update: it turns out this was a bad idea. DISP26 relocations can not work when libc is loaded more than 256MB away from the code static linking to it. It might be better to always link against the -fPIC libgcc to avoid this kind of problem.
I have started working on a gcc 4.2.1 m88k backend (basically updating the 3.3.6 backend to cope with newer trends in gcc development). The resulting code quality is much worse than 3.3.6 at the moment, but hopefully this can get improved.

CPU Board Status

VME Board Status

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Current Todo List

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