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After losing a stupid bet, I had to write the little ``software'' described here.
It's a Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98 extension which adds a selected Murphy's law to every Blue Screen Of Death. The laws were choosen so as to relate to unreliability, and the uselessness of any effort to fix this.
Unfortunately (?), the laws are written in French.
However, since this software is released with its complete sourcecode under the GPL license, you are free to adapt it to your preferred language as you see fit.
Simply add a
line to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI in the [386Enh] section. (Use murphy.386 for Windows 3.x, and murphy.vxd for Windows 95 and Windows 98). This might even work on Windows Millenium Edition.
Download murphy.vxd
The archive, in addition to the ready-to-run binaries, contains the complete sourcecode and a short documentation (in French).
Here is a translation of the beginning of the documentation:

                        Blue Screen Of Death Revisited...


  Well, err... This is a completely useless software, hence absolutely
necessary, for Windows 3.x/95/98.  This software alters the behaviour of
the infamous ``Blue Screen Of Death'', to add, as a comforting note, a
selected ``Murphy's Law''.

  Of course, this law will be randomly choosen in a pool of carefully selected
laws about unreliability of things, as well as the uselessness of any effort
to fix this.

  We are pretty sure that the use of this software will make the BSOD a better