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Solbourne used to be an australian company working on high-performance SPARC systems. They were able to deliver working multiprocessor systems runing a modified version of SunOS called `OS/MP', while Sun opted to end the developement of the SunOS code base and was still struggling to get their System V flavour, nowadays known as `Solaris', stable.
After it became obvious that the multiprocessor battle would be eventually lost to Solaris, Solbourne tried to entered the workstation market with the not-as-expensive-as-Sun S3000 and S4000 systems, built around a Panasonic (Matsushita) clone of SPARC, the so-called `KAP' processor. KAP did not use any of the Sun MMU, and thus required a specific operating system, which was once again OS/MP (albeit in a single-processor flavour). Unfortunately, the early KAP processors were ridden with severe bugs, which did not help Solbourne gain market share.



Here is the current Solbourne inventory.