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Olivetti is not a well-known player in the Unix workstation market. Their only attempt to enter this market was the LSX line of systems, which were introduced in late 1987.

There is not much information available about these systems. The only information relevant to LSX I could find are archived Computer Business Review articles.

The first article announces the LSX line on november 19th, 1987. They are described as:
The LSX models are the 3005, 3010, based on the 68010, and the 3020, the 3030, with two CPUs, and the 3040 with three, are all based on the 68020. There is then a gap (for 68030 models?) to the 3070 and 3080, which are based on the Edge Computers processor, which is compatible with the 68020 but substantially more powerful.
The second article, dated four days later, mentions that 250 LSX systems have already been sold, and that:
The entry level 68010-based LSX 3005 runs only MOS, the 3010, also based on the 68010, and the one, two and three processor 68020-based 3020, 3030 and 3040 all run both MOS and Unix, while the Edge Computer based 3070 and dual processor 3080 run only Unix.
Note that the LSX3005 pictured in this site actually uses a 68020, but this might be a later model, or an upgrade.