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You might remember Motorola as a microprocessor designer and manufacturer. This was actually the Motorola SPS division, which later became Freescale. However, in order to promote their microprocessors, another division, Motorola Computer Group (MCG for short), would design complete embedded and server systems, running under Unix System V, as well as PowerPC workstations, running AIX.


Here is the current Motorola inventory.
All these systems are VME boards, most of them being Single Board Computers and able to operate on their own (only the MVME141 requires external MVME224 memory boards in order to run), although some of them lack Ethernet and/or SCSI controllers and also require other boards to build a useful system.
The small form factor of these boards allow me to store plenty of them (as well as plenty of other VME devices); I only use three VME chassis to tinker with them. So while I count them as complete machines in the inventory, they don't take the space one would expect.