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Data General

Data General used to be one of the oldest computer companies, founded by former Digital employees. After their succesful `Nova' and `Eclipse' lines, they eventually entered the Unix workstation market, with the Motorola 88000-powered AViiON line. In the middle of the '90s, DG considered using PowerPC processors, but switched to Intel Pentium processors instead, keeping the `AViiON' name. Eventually they stopped designing workstations and concentrated on their `CLARiiON' storage services, and went out of business in the late '90s.

A must read, when it comes to Data General, is Tracy Kidder's Pulitzer Prize ``The Soul of a New Machine'', which relates the birth of the `Eclipse' family, both from a technical point of view and from a human point of view. This book is also famous for coining the term, mushroom management.



Here is the current Data General inventory.
In memoriam: gone from the machineroom, but not forgotten.