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Founded by former Apple CEO Jean-Louis Gassée, Be's ambition was to bring modern hardware, the BeBox, with a modern operating system, BeOS.
The adventure turned out to be similar to NeXT's. The hardware was nothing earth-shaking, plagued by too small CPU caches, and the software was delayed for too long. Eventually, Be stopped all its hardware activities, porting BeOS to the Apple PowerMac and the Intel PC families, but went down not long afterwards.
BeBox machines are really rare: fewer than 1000 66MHz models (the blue ones) and fewer than 900 133MHz models (the white and blue ones) were built. The original prototypes, using AT&T's `Hobbit' DSP, are even rarer.


There are no longer any Be machines in the inventory. The only one I had is gone to greener pastures, but not forgotten.