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Western europeans, and especially UK citizens, will remember Acorn for the so-called `BBC Acorn' computer in the early '80s. After the `Atom' successor to the `BBC', Acorn started its own RISC processor, the nowadays well-known ARM processor (Acorn Risc Machine).
It took many years for ARM to gain any significant market share, and only in the embedded world, as the ARM chips, back then, had very scarce power requirement. Acorn nevertheless manufactured the home computer line of `Risc PC', extremely modular systems with many replaceable or upgradeable components, as well as their own `Podule' expansion bus. With the Ethernet option and SCSI disks, these systems could do a decent job in enterprise networks, and many of them were used in UK for CAD or publishing works.


There are no longer any Acorn machines in the inventory. The only one I had is gone to greener pastures, but not forgotten.