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What's in a name?

tarelius is a fictional place, about which an entertaining music composition was made: Back to Tarelius. I have listened to that tune many times, and somehow the name came to mind when I had to name this machine. This was before I started using river names, and the name stuck.


Tarelius is the machine which started the machineroom, and the first SPARC I ever owned. I got a phone call from a friend, saying there was that SPARCstation IPC which his lab was getting rid of, and for some reason did not appear in the inventory, so it could be made disappear without having to follow the regular destruction process. I immediately drove to his lab and picked the machine up, in july '99.


After installing OpenBSD, I used this machine as my desktop environment for a few months, using the QVWM window manager, of which I used to be a contributor back then. Then I bought an SGI Indigo2 which took over the desktop role.


Here is a recent dmesg from that system. This machine used to have 16MB (or was this 32MB?) in 4MB SIMMs, nowadays it only has 1MB SIMMs, and since there are only 12 memory slots, it is limited to 12MB.
OpenBSD 4.7-current (GENERIC) #55: Sat Jun 26 17:49:44 GMT 2010
real mem = 12230656 (11MB)
avail mem = 11444224 (10MB)
mainbus0 at root: SUNW,Sun 4/40
cpu0 at mainbus0: MB86900/1A or L64801 @ 25 MHz, WTL3170/2 FPU
cpu0: 64K byte write-through, 16 bytes/line, sw flush cache enabled
memreg0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf4000000
clock0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf2000000: mk48t02 (eeprom)
timer0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf3000000 delay constant 10
auxreg0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf7400003
zs0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf1000000 pri 12, softpri 6
zstty0 at zs0 channel 0: console
zstty1 at zs0 channel 1
zs1 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf0000000 pri 12, softpri 6
zskbd0 at zs1 channel 0: no keyboard
zsms0 at zs1 channel 1
wsmouse0 at zsms0 mux 0
audioamd0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf7201000 pri 13, softpri 4
audio0 at audioamd0
sbus0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf8000000: clock = 25 MHz
dma0 at sbus0 slot 0 offset 0x400000: rev 1
esp0 at sbus0 slot 0 offset 0x800000 pri 3: ESP100A, 25MHz
scsibus0 at esp0: 8 targets, initiator 7
le0 at sbus0 slot 0 offset 0xc00000 pri 5: address 08:00:20:71:a7:eb
le0: 16 receive buffers, 4 transmit buffers
bwtwo0 at sbus0 slave-only slot 3 offset 0x0: SUNW,501-1561, 1152x900
wsdisplay0 at bwtwo0 mux 1
wsdisplay0: screen 0 added (std, sun emulation)
fdc0 at mainbus0 ioaddr 0xf7200000 pri 11, softpri 4: chip 82072
fd0 at fdc0 drive 0: 1.44MB 80 cyl, 2 head, 18 sec
vscsi0 at root
scsibus1 at vscsi0: 256 targets
softraid0 at root
bootpath: /sbus@1,f8000000/le@0,c00000
nfs_boot: using interface le0, with revarp & bootparams
nfs_boot: client_addr=
nfs_boot: server_addr= hostname=cheylat
root on
WARNING: clock lost 14786 days -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
swap on