Who am I?
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Hello and welcome to my small presence on the web!
[picture of me laughing]
I am your host, Miod Vallat, fine (albeit slow) cook, wine connoisseur, and also compulsive systems programmer and hardware tinkerer.

I think, therefore machines are

I love working on low-level programming, close to the bare metal. Creating the foundations for more mundane programs is so fun. As a result, my work sometimes ends up in completely unexpected devices. And more than one mobile phone has my name, or my code, in it.
I am also known (and cursed) for writing, a long time ago, an enhancement of the infamous Blue Screen Of Death: murphy.vxd.
Oh, and I used to be one of these OpenBSD elitist assholes (for a long time, more than fifteen years!) by the way.

My friends and relatives spread the rumor that I eat small children for breakfast. This is blatantly wrong: I prefer them for dinner.